Welcome to USTDconnectsU, the first ever college and entertainment recruiting platform for the Commercial Dance Industry! Modeled after the college athletic recruiting process, USTDconnectsU will provide aspiring dancers ages 13 & up with the tools necessary to get noticed, get known, and get on track to a career in the ever expanding commercial dance industry! Please meet our partners below and get connected today!

  • Shelli Margheritis
    Shelli Margheritis Director of Education
    Choreography Agent MSA
    McDonald/Selznick Associates
  • Michelle Loucadoux
    Michelle Loucadoux Program Director
    Commercial Dance & Contemporary Musical
    Theatre + Film
    Relativity School

 * Additional Entertainment Industry Partners and Dancer Opportunities to be Announced *


USTDconnectsU.com is a unique service offered exclusively to USTD competitors and was developed to provide dancers the opportunity to build a relationship and share their Portfolio & USTD Performance videos with industry leaders in Agency Representation, Entertainment, and Higher Education. Here’s how it works…

➤ Simply fill out your online Dancer Portfolio and instantly connect with USTD partners; MSA Talent Agency and Relativity School’s BFA in Commercial Dance!

Once your Portfolio has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from our partners letting you know that you are now a part of the network. Your Portfolio is the first opportunity to develop a relationship and help our partners learn more about you.


This is your chance to put a face to your Portfolio and get to know our partners and what they are looking for in an artist. ID Camps and other Special events will be offered exclusively to dancers that have submitted their Portfolio. These events have been designed to sharpen your skills and introduce you to many other aspects of the industry as well as the best path on how to get there. ID camps will include seminars for the parents as well as evaluations of your performance at the camp.  Evaluations will be shared with your studio director.

➤ USTD Performance Observations & Referrals

USTDconnectsU partners have provided USTD judges with specific criteria and/or qualities they typically look for in an artist and will use observations and referrals made by the judges at USTD competitions as yet another tool to get to know our dancers better. Dancers must have submitted a Dancer Portfolio in order to be observed and potentially referred to USTDconnectsU partners as part of this program. Observations and referrals will not be be based on scores and/or medal standings at the competition nor will it have any impact with regards to competition results.

➤ USTD Performance Video Accessibility

Dancers that have successfully submitted their Dancer Portfolio and have agreed to the consent allowing USTDconnectsU partners to view their competition videos, will provide industry partners the opportunity to view their competition solos following each event. Videos may be reviewed based on; portfolio details submitted, USTD performance observations and referrals, and/or as a result of attending an ID camp or other special event. In addition, DRC Video (USTD Video Partner) will be offering dancers the opportunity to enhance their Dancer Portfolio with custom USTD video highlights to be securely shared with our industry partners (fees for this service will apply). Stay tuned for updates!!!

Take advantage of these tools to get noticed and start building the bridge to your future today!


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Do you currently have industry representation? If so, who are you represented by:

 I consent to share the above information with any and all USTD partners and affiliates (both now and in the future) associated with the USTDconnectsU program as well as any USTD Solo competition videos I may appear in to be shared as part of and within the guidelines this program.

Today's Date


Show Your Skills

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Relativity School, in collaboration with MSA and USTD, is actively scouting talented and innovative commercial dancers for our BFA Program in Los Angeles.

You are invited to join us for a one-day Commercial Dance ID Camp. Take the opportunity to learn from, be evaluated by, and showcase your artistry to the top choreographers and dancers in the industry that make up the faculty of Relativity School.

Visit us in the heart of LA and show us your skills. Spend a day taking dance and acting classes from industry professionals, learning on-camera dance technique, and touring the 20-acre production lot where major television shows and feature films are shot daily.

Click below for tickets, more information, and waiver. (Please bring your completed waiver to the event.)